Winter Clothing for Kids

It is officially spring and for most of us that means we get to put up the big heavy winter clothing and break out the warmer weather wear! I am ready. We took a trip up home to St Louis last week and I promise you I left 70 degree and sunny weather and arrived in 13 inches of snow a mere 7 hours later. Not fun!

In the almost 7 years I have lived in the south I have recently learned that this Yankee does not like the snow and cold. Anything below 50 and I am now freezing!

Every year it seems I can’t wait for fall and the cooler weather to arrive so I can break out the few sweaters I own. I love wearing warm, fuzzy socks and dressing in lots of layers. It is cozy.

But one thing I have learned since having kids is that year after year they are going to need a coat. Not to mention pants, socks, shirts, you get the idea. I have also learned that the best time to buy winter coats for kids is not before winter starts but as it is coming to a close. I know it sounds crazy but that is when the best deals are to be found.

winter coats for kids

No matter when you shop for coats and winter clothing, I always like to take the kids along and let them pick out things they like. It is fun seeing their tastes change from year to year. And no matter what they pick I always make sure to get stuff that will last and hold up to all their craziness.

Where do you buy winter coats?


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