Xbox 360 Games My 6 Year Old Is Playing

This is Alison from Being Alison. I wanted to help Rachel out with a guest post, and also spout off about some video games that my 6 year old, Hunter, is enjoying on the Xbox 360.

Mainly Hunter plays the Xbox 360 because well I don’t want him playing computer games since I’m using the computer for my work as a blogger. Can’t be fighting over who gets to use it! So he gets the Xbox 360, which I think is decent of me.

I’m a gamer, and now I’m raising gamers. I’m even getting my husband into a bit of gaming.

Minecraft Logo


This is the number 1 game Hunter is playing. He loves it, and I think it’s actually very awesome. He is so creative with it, and building his own homes. He has Minecraft play dates with a friend a few minutes away. Where they play… Minecraft but together. It’s pretty much all he talks about. Maybe because he also watches Minecraft videos on You Tube. (Beware some of these have very bad language not suited for little kids.) He sees what they are doing in the game, then when he plays next he’s doing it himself.

Right now you can only buy the game in the Xbox Store on Xbox Live. Minecraft was going to be in retail stores recently, but they pushed the date back into June. It’s a huge craze, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, I am sure you will soon.

Plants Vs Zombies Logo

Plants Vs Zombies

This started out being played with on the iPad. They beat it. Then we bought it for the Xbox because it has different things then the iPad version. And we beat that. Cory actually loves playing this game. Landon loves it too, or at least tries to love it. It’s still a bit hard for him. We jumped on the PvZ bandwagon late, but we are eagerly awaiting the release of Plants Vs Zombies 2. Even my husband. It was going to be released late Spring… but now it seems like it’ll be released Summer 2013. Hopefully!

They are also launching a Facebook game titled Plants Vs Zombies Adventures eventually. It’s currently in closed beta. So that should be something that I may have to let Hunter use the computer for.

Those are just 2 games that my 6 year old is playing on the Xbox 360. He is also playing Skylanders Giants which you can read about my review on my own blog.

What are your kids playing?

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