3 Fears I Have

30 Things my kids should know about me

Continuing with the 30 Things My Kids should know about me. Up this week is 3 fears I have and how they became fears.

1. Spiders. This will always be number one and the reason is simple. I am allergic to spiders. So far it doesn’t matter what kind I get bit by, I have a horrible reaction. The first time I wasn’t sure what had happened and I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. Every time after that involves a trip to the ER, major antibiotics, and shot of epinephrine. I am even so scared of them that I cannot kill them. I freak out if I have to go near them. Thankfully my 7 year old has no problem killing them for me. But I often say that if he ever misses and the spider gets away, we will have no choice but to burn the entire house down.


2. I am not sure if number 2 is really that unusual from any other mom but I am afraid that I am messing up my kids. Permanently. I really have no idea what I am doing and it is a learning curve every single day. Not to mention that my children are like night and day so when I think I have a handle on how to best rectify behavior, the other one proves that it doesn’t work for them.

3. And number three is a fear of ladders. I am not at all scared of heights but me and ladders do not mix. Something about not being able to just turn around and walk down like stairs. There is almost no safety net in place and so you will never catch me climbing a ladder unless I absolutely have to.

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