4 Tips for Keeping Creepy Crawlies Out of Your Home

Have you ever walked out into the kitchen in the morning and found creepy crawlies in the kitchen? It’s enough to put you off your breakfast! There are plenty of methods for removing them, but isn’t it better to keep them out of your home in the first place? Here are some tips for keeping them out before they get in.


The best way of keeping creepy crawlies out of your home is by having good quality security and fly screens installed throughout your home, on every door and window, so that you can still enjoy the outside but keep the inside just for you and your family. Companies like Stylewise Security make attractive doors and grills for your home so you don’t feel like you are in jail, but have the benefit of keeping out the creepy crawlies. Choosing to do it properly and going for quality the first time will mean that you don’t have to worry about it again, and not only will it keep out the creepy crawlies but will deter any other unsavory characters.


Seal Holes and Cracks

Wasps love to find little nooks and cranny’s to hide in, so another important way of ensuring that there is no way of them or other creepy crawlies getting in is through making sure that your home is sealed up tight. Inspect your home for any cracks and holes and seal them with a quality sealant to ensure that even the smallest insect cannot get in.


Ants may be small but they sure can be annoying, especially if you have a colony living close to your home. The good thing about ants is that you can work with them to ensure that they do not enter your home by using simple methods such as leading them away from the home. Ants love sugar, and have a good sense of smell, so using mint (in essential oil form, or mint tea) to deter them. Have a look for the colony where the ants are coming from, soak a string in mint and place it around the colony area in a line. This will confuse them and deter them from coming into your home.


Who loves cockroaches? No one! But did you know that catnip is a natural deterrent for roaches? One way to use catnip is to leave little bags of it around infested areas, or you can add water and make a tea which can be sprayed around the base boards of a house to keep out cockroaches.

Once you have your security screens in place and have sealed off all the cracks and holes you can also go the ‘napalm option’ of having their nest sprayed with chemicals from a licensed pest control person. Are there any other natural methods of deterrent can you think of to keep other insects out of your home?

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