5 Great Present Ideas For Your Child

If you’re sick of forking out for the toy cars and Barbie dolls that your child will inevitably outgrow, maybe it’s time to think about some alternatives.

There are plenty of present ideas that not only entertain, but are incredibly beneficial for a child’s well being and development – no matter what their age is. Who knows – you might just uncover a passion that they practice for years to come. Here are some great present ideas that the kids will love, and most importantly won’t break the bank!


Skateboarding is not only great for physical fitness; it gets children out of the house and away from the television. It’s a skill that never goes out of fashion – just look at Tony Hawk! Companies like Penny Skateboards allow you to make customizable boards tailored to order, as well as having a variety of quirky designs. This could become the next biggest thing in your child’s life.


Musical Instrument

Getting your child interested in music can create a lifelong hobby or even a future career if they discover that they love to play. There’s a wide range of instruments for different ages and skill levels – even small children can handle a recorder or ukulele. There are always local music classes available where children can make new friends and practice together, and playing music is great for the brain and the body. Just be prepared for your household to be a little noisier than usual.

Art Supplies

Children don’t have to be the next Picasso or Michelangelo to enjoy the visual arts. All they need is the ability to let their imagination run wild. Some paints and a blank canvas are always a good place to start, or even a pottery class where they can make their own creations that can last for years. This present definitely stimulates their creativity but make sure you prepare in advance for the mess – a good smock is also a must-purchase.

art supplies

DVD’s and a Movie Night

There’s nothing more fun than a good ol’ fashioned movie night coupled with an assortment of new DVDs. Let your child have free reign over the DVD store and pick a couple of movies (age appropriate of course), put on some tasty treats, let them invite their friends over and turn your lounge room into the most elaborate cubby hole the furniture will allow. The kids will love watching the films in their own private cinema. Disney classics are always a winner, but there are some amazing animated films and adventures that have been released in the last few years as well.

Magazine Subscription

There are plenty of great magazine subscriptions on every topic designed for inquisitive children – from making robots to growing exotic plants; it’s a great way for them to build knowledge in a fun, hands-on way. Kids will love putting the pieces together than come with every new issue, and being able to see the progress of their projects and learn new facts. It’ll be like Christmas every month.

Highlights magazine

There are plenty of children’s present ideas that go beyond the normal toy store pieces of plastic – the best part is that these gifts are ones they hopefully won’t outgrow in a number of months. What out-of-the-box gift ideas have been a hit with your children?


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