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If you have read my blog for any period of time you would know that we are a Christian family. This dictates every other area of our lives. Of course we are not perfect but we do try to live a good life. My biggest hope is that anyone who meets me sees Jesus.

One thing we are very careful with are the things that we allow our children to watch and listen to. Music at home and in the car consists of Christian music. We preview all TV shows before they are allowed to see them.

So when I was contacted to partner with Tyndale House Publishers for a review and giveaway for the Adventures in Odyssey Review, I knew it would be something I would be OK with sharing with the kids.

Adventrures in Odssey

Tyndale House Publishers is the world’s largest privately held Christian publisher of books, Bibles, and digital media.

discovering odyssey

As a ministry founded for the support of the family, Focus on the Family began a special radio drama series in 1987 called Family Portraits. The show was successful with its short-lived, 13-episode fame. It was because of this mini-series that Adventures in Odyssey became what it is today. Centered around a grandfatherly inventor named John Avery Whittaker who owns an ice cream shop for children, AIO has provided over 700 episodes of solid, Christian entertainment. Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall, Bernard Walton, Tom Riley, Jason Whittaker, and Jack Allen are only a few of the characters that bring Odyssey to life. The program is geared primarily for the 8-12 age bracket, however, people well into their thirties, forties, and later years have enjoyed the show for its entertainment and Christian morals.

Discovering Odyssey is a 3 disc set that features previously recorded episodes that will introduce listeners to all the characters and places of Odyssey.

On these discs we were transported into Odyssey with these great stories and even better lessons.

Connie Comes to Town (Contentment)
Recollections (Fighting for your convictions)
Thank You, God (Salvation)
Connie, Parts 1 and 2 (Salvation)
Our Best Vacation Ever (Family togetherness)

And more. What I love is that each story has a theme. My children are not only being entertained but they are learning some great lessons. Everything from being content to salvation and even sacrifice. Each story is very well done with great sound effects and actors that are really into their parts. These discs have become our go to listening every time we are in the car. Even the 3 year old asks for ‘Connie’ every time she is in the car.

Tyndale House Publishers is also giving one reader an Adventures in Odyssey prize pack. This includes:

Discovering Odyssey
Voyage with the Vikings
Knight Travellers
Adventures in Odyssey: 90 Devotions for Kids

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I’ve partnered with The Motherhood and Tyndale House Publishers for this review. Product and or compensation was provided, but all opinions are still my own.

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