Avoid the January Financial Hangover with Capital One 360 #FinancialPeace

It is the time of year when everyone is in a shopping frenzy. From $600 big screen TV’s, to $4 PJ’s and everything in between. Lines are waited in. Store are mapped out with a plan of attack. Punches are thrown. It gets ugly out there. I much prefer to do all my shopping from the comfort of my own home. Free shipping is where it’s at!

But no matter how many great deals you score, if you don’t keep a close eye on your finances you can end up with a major financial hangover come January. I admit that it happened to us last year. In an effort to give the kids a great Christmas despite having just bought a new house, we overextended ourselves. This year we were both determined not to make the same mistake.

Capital One 360 Black Friday SaleThankfully there are sites like Capital One 360 who are determined to not only help keep the financial hangover from having but also help me save some money using services I already use.

A great way to avoid the dreaded January Financial Hangover is to simply sit down and create a budget. Look at what you realistically have to spend and no matter how great the deal, don’t go over your budgeted amount.

Avoid shopping on credit. They lure you in with promises like no payment for 6 months, or an affordable monthly payment plan. It starts out fine and then all of a sudden you are left paying off your balances with 29% interest rates.

I realize that the first two sound great in theory. But let’s say you have a budget, you stick to it and there just isn’t anything extra to shop with come Christmas time. This is where one of my favorite tips comes in so handy.

We all have times during the year when you have an extra $5, $20, or even $50. I like to take that amount and purchase an Amazon gift card. You can really do this for any retailer but what I love about Amazon is that if we have a tight week, that gift card isn’t getting spent on gas or a meal out.

Most people won’t miss $10 a week from their budget. By taking that $10 a week and setting it aside or buying a gift card, you can easily have $500 to spend come Christmas time.

My favorite tip though is to take advantage of the Black Friday Sale at Capital One 360. Take a look at some of the great ways you can get some Financial Peace this holiday season.

Capital One 360 #FinacialPeace

Capital One 360 has made it so that I can actually earn money by taking advantages of the services I already use. An extra $100 plus no fees for checking, an extra $100 for a savings account, plus you can even earn $40 for every friend you refer who signs up for one of the services. That is extra money in your pocket and a great way to avoid the dreaded Financial Hangover and start your new year off with some Financial Peace.

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