Baby Dickens

It is that time of year again. Chickens!

We had chickens before and then something got into them and killed them. Then we moved and didn’t have the space. But now. Now, we have plenty of room and it is the time of year when you can buy the little baby chicks.

So we got 12. We have spent a couple days working on the coop, getting it ready. But in the meantime I have a dozen little girls living in my bathroom. They have been there for just over 2 weeks and I am praying that they grow some feathers quickly and move outside where they belong very soon.


Miss Stalin is in love with them. She has named them all Yellow and at this point that works. Until their feathers come in and they all become red. Then I’m not sure how she will react.

But for now she loves them and everyday she talks to anyone who will listen about the baby dickens.

I am excited about all the eggs we should start getting this summer. And looking forward to getting my bathtub back in a few weeks.

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