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Bake a Taste of Autumn with Duncan Hines — Yellow Tennessee

Bake a Taste of Autumn with Duncan Hines

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love nothing more than cakes, cupcakes, any sweets really. And my waist line reflects this love. But I am not a baker. I just don’t have the gift that is needed to create these amazing homemade treats. So when I want to make something special for my family, I rely on box mixes and premade icing. Thankfully because of products like Duncan Hines, I can use a box mix and really wow everyone.


But I am no longer limited to your average white or chocolate cake mixes. Thanks to the Duncan Hines seasonal products, I can bring some of the great tastes of the season into my kitchen with no problems. It is the first day of fall, and if you are anything like me that brings up ideas of pumpkins, and apples, and caramel. Oh, caramel. My weakness.

AutumnVelvetsFirst up is this adorable Autumn Velvet cake mix. One brown velvet, one orange velvet layer combine to a wonderfully moist, and perfectly fall colored cake. I think instead of a two layered cake, this one would be adorable as a marble cake with two layers of both colors mixed together. It would make the perfect cake for any fall themed gathering. And being Duncan Hines, you know that the quality is going to be good. Like the Summer Velvets line, this cake mix uses butter and bakes into a great moist cake that is much denser than usual box mixes. The denser cake makes it perfect for cutting into shapes and still holding up to a crumb icing layer.

Paired with Duncan Hines classic cream cheese icing, this cake was a wonderful treat. And trust me when I say there were no complaints when I made this one.

But if thoughts of Autumn bring up more than just the colors, Duncan Hines offers ever more treats. The Red Velvet Brownies were amazing. The Decadent Red Velvet Brownies were perfectly balanced between fudge brownies and rich red velvet cake. Topped with cream cheese icing these brownies were a great treat for the family.

Red Velvet Brownies

My favorite new treat for this fall were the Decadent Caramel Apple Cupcakes. The actual cake is full of apple and cinnamon flavor that was so incredibly moist. There are even real bits of apple in the mix. The icing was easy to make by just adding butter and a little water to the mix. A few minutes with the mixer and I had an amazing caramel icing that I had to stop myself from eating it all with a spoon.

Carmel Apple Cupcakes

I took these cupcakes to a Scout function and I call them a huge success as I came home with nothing. Everyone loved them and a couple moms even asked me for the recipe.

Thanks to Duncan Hines anyone who is baking challenged like me or even just short on time like most mom’s, that no longer means you can’t whip up something amazing.

What is your favorite fall treat to bake for your family?

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