Bake Something this Christmas with Hallmark and Northpole

I have partnered with Hallmark Cards to bring you this post. All opinions are my own.

I do my holiday baking a little differently. Instead of having a marathon day of cooking I do a few batches here and there over a few weekends. This means we have way too many cookies for weeks!

We of course have our favorites. My husband has to have peanut butter cookies. I have to have chocolate chip. And the kids love snowball kiss cookies. Somewhere in there we have to throw in sugar cookies. Not because they are anyone’s favorite but because they are the most fun. We love to decorate them together. We laugh and have a great time.


These great little treats showed up and they were perfect for our holiday baking. The cutest thing is the apron. It is the perfect size for the Little Lady and says Cookie Taker on it. So perfect for her. But my favorite is the Cookie Wonder Wheel. Just make your dough and roll it out then using the wheel you end up with adorable shapes without using multiple cookie cutters.

All the myths and stories from your childhood are true… Northpole is real and it’s bigger and more fun than you can imagine. This year, Hallmark is specially delivering products that help families connect to Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves.

You can get in on the fun by visiting the Northpole. Your kids can write letters to Santa, view behind the scenes videos, and discover all the Northpole has to offer. You can even do a little shopping and get your very own Northpole cookie kit.

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