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Best Of Signs Review — Yellow Tennessee

Best Of Signs Review

I have been wanting to have a decal made for my car window for some time now. I wanted a simple one with the same text as my blog header. Just a simple decal that had the name of my blog on it. I thought it would be a great way to have my blog name ‘out there’ in a different way.

So I turned to Best of Signs to create exactly what I was looking for.

The process was simple, I let them know what I would use it for and they gave me options of what would work best. I simply emailed the design I wanted and then waited for it to show up.


It was exactly what I wanted.

The actual design ended up being a little bigger than what I had wanted, but it would be an easy fix by trimming some of the edge off with scissors. I could make it a little smaller without having to lose any of the text. So even though it was bigger than I had wanted, it was a very easy fix!

Best of Signs has something for everyone. Everything from window decals to vinyl banners and even wall decals to liven up a space in your home.


Unfortunately, that is the end of the pictures. I did go out and put it on the rear window of my car to get a good idea of exactly where I needed to trim it. And wouldn’t you know it, but the text not at all visible. Even the black didn’t show up on my window.

While I have no complaints about the quality of the decal, I still don’t have a decal on my car like I wanted. I should have thought ahead and ordered it in white. I think that would have shown up with no problems. I also cannot speak to how well this would hold up being outside of my car, but the designer knew what I wanted to use it for and did direct me to the best decals that would work.

At the end of the day I am disappointed but it was more user error and not at all a problem with the actual quality of the product.

You can keep up with Best of Signs by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Have you ever ordered a decal for your car? Any tips for me?

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