Bring Your Child’s Artwork to Life with Budsies.

If you children are anything like mine you have no less than one piece of original artwork a day from each of them. And if we are being honest, it is more like 3 to 4 drawings a day. Like most children they love to display it. So instead of replacing a picture on the fridge it just keeps getting added to.

Eventually once a week I have to go through the new art work and decide what to keep and what gets tossed. But even the things that I keep, end up in a big box in the attic and don’t do anything but collect dust.

Then I heard about Budsies and I just knew that the kids would love it and it would create a great keepsake for not only them but also me.

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Budsies started out when the owner had a new baby sister at the age of 16. She noticed that her artwork was doing nothing more than sitting in a box in the basement. All while her sister tucked in and played with all her stuffed animals. The idea struck. Why not create a stuffed animal out of one of the drawings, thus creating a way for them to remember the art work for years to come.

The same care I would give to a toy I’d give my little sister goes into every Budsie stuffed animal we make. We use all new hypoallergenic materials and adhere to rigorous standards of stitching quality and materials.

Each toy is unique so we inspect each one for loose parts. Some toys may have small/skinny pieces so we recommend our toys be given to children 3+ years of age. Please watch how your child plays with the custom plush toy and, if your child excessively chews it, you may want to put the Budsie in its “home” for safekeeping until your child gets older.


The ordering process is so simple. First step is the have your child sit down and create something. The best part of this is there is no wrong way to do it. From very detailed to simple but colorful, it is all up to your child what they want to draw. If you need some help there are lots of online ideas and even some templates to get your child started in creating their new friend.


This is what we ended up with. Miss Stalin has been on a cat kick lately and was quite upset when she was told we would not be getting her one. She was thrilled with the idea of making her very own cat and having it come live with her. Since she is only 3, I did help with her cat. I drew the outline of the body and then let her pick what color she wanted it to be. The legs are all different colors, each ear is a different color and the tail is green.

budsies creations

Genghis is currently a huge fan of all things Star Wars. So at first he had a hard time deciding what to draw. In the end he settled on his own version of General Grievous. Complete with four light sabers.

There is no limit to what your child can create. I know I have friends whose little ones don’t really like to color. The good news is, I have seen Budsies created from original Lego buildings, and even self portraits. Anything free of logo’s or writing can be used.

After your art work is done you simply take a picture with your phone or scan them and then upload them to the Budsies order form. You can also email your photo or even send a text message with your photo.

When you order there is a form to fill out that will allow you describe in detail about the drawing. Tell about colors, shapes, anything that you think may be helpful.

Then comes the hard part. You have to wait. Since Budsies are created based on your child’s imagination, there isn’t anything actually in stock. 4 to 6 weeks later and your child’s new friend will arrive.

To keep up with the excitement you will get emails all along the process. Our first email stated that our designs were approved and they were shopping for fabrics just for us.

What goes into making a Budsie?

Lots of love (and hard work!). Each piece of artwork must be inspected by our Art Director and interpreted by our Designer. Meticulous planning and prepwork goes into selecting the right colors, materials, and features. Then comes the actual sewing: all done with care by hand by a seamstress. Finally, each completed Budsie must pass creative approval and stress testing before being hand-packed and sent out for final delivery. It‘s a long process… but it‘s the only way we can ensure the quality standard we live by.

Finally the day arrived and I got an email that our Budsies had shipped. I didn’t tell the kids as I wanted to surprise them when they showed up. And they were thrilled!


My first thought when we opened these was I was surprised about how big they were. I’m not sure what I was expecting but most Budsies are around 16 inches tall.

Secondly, not only did Budsies create a keepsake for my children but they also went above and beyond and created a wonderful keepsake for me. Besides the new stuffed animals, I also got a small copy of each of their artwork in a frame. I immediately put them up next to their school pictures. It is a great way to be able to remember some of their artwork from this age.

budsies artwork

In the end I cannot find a single bad thing to say about Budsies. It was a fun experience and something that not only did my kids enjoy but I also had a great time with it. Budsies is worth every single penny and this is something I can see myself giving as a gift for birthday’s.


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