Bye Bye Adenoids

Miss Stalin is one who always has to one up you. She likes to be ‘bigger’ than anyone in the room. Always looking for a reaction.

So when she had to get a set of tubes in her ears almost a couple of years ago, I should have expected that instead of that working and being the end of it, we would be back here again.

This morning Miss Stalin had her second set of tubes placed in her ears and had her adenoids removed. This will leave her with only a 2% chance of needing a 3rd set of tubes. But to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me.

She is NOT a morning person

She is NOT a morning person

She was a trooper. I had to wake her up at 5:40am and we were in the car and on our way by 5:50am. She wasn’t allowed anything to eat or drink and she was content to just go along for the ride.

I was able to go back into the operating room with her and stroke her hair until she fell asleep from the gas. A quick 30 minutes later and I was meeting with the doctor who said everything went perfectly.

Once in recovery we hung out for a bit to make sure all was well and then by 9:30 we were heading home. She didn’t cry at all and was happy to just sit and get lots of cuddles.


They did give her a muscle relaxer and some pain medicine in her IV just before she woke up. Let me tell you, a 2 year old on that combo goes from absolutely hilarious just trying to sit up to full melt down, the world is ending in the matter of a few seconds.

Here’s hoping that we are good with the 2nd set of tubes!

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