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Calling All Mixels! #Review — Yellow Tennessee

Calling All Mixels! #Review

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that I live with a huge Lego fan. Genghis is much like any other 8 year boy and loves nothing more than a new Lego set. Every week he saves his allowance up so he can buy another new set.

mixels logo

When I was asked if we would have any interest in playing with the newest creation from Lego I knew I had to say yes.

LEGO® Mixels are funny, creative creatures made up of the basic building blocks of LEGO matter: Fire, Rock, Electricity and more. The Mixels live in tribes spread across a vast world and love to mix and combine. By using the special cubits they will be able to mix into new characters with hilarious and surprising results. NIXELS are swarming, colorless creatures of deconstruction. Nixels tear apart everything in their path – including the mixed up Mixels.

First up we got a few sets of the Mixels. The fun part about these sets is there is no right or wrong way to put them together. They each come with instructions for putting them together but then your child can play and mix and match while creating their own creatures.


But the most fun has been with the Calling All Mixels app.

Join the Mixels as they rescue other Mixels, combine to make new characters with great new powers, and fight off the Nixels.

A combination of exploration, combat and strategy, Calling All Mixels takes a creative spin on mixing, with the goals of rescuing captured Mixels, discovering new lands, securing cubit supplies and creating fun mixes. With more than 40 quests to complete in three unique locations, the app delivers hours of digital to physical LEGO fun.

Mixel app

The app itself is very easy to use. Simply tap your finger to move, fight, rescue, and discover. Not only does Genghis love this app and have a blast playing, but it is simple enough that the 3 year old can also play.

Besides the app, there is also a Mixel website, toys, and TV shorts. The app sells for $3.99 and the toys sell for only $4.99. The newest addition to the Lego family is a lot of fun without a huge price tag.


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