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Celebrating Mother’s Day-meet my mom! — Yellow Tennessee

Celebrating Mother’s Day-meet my mom!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and every year I wonder how to celebrate with my mom. My mom is the greatest person I know. I strive to be like her, and hope one day my children see me the way I see her!

My mom has lived a million lifetimes in just one. She’s been knocked down so many times and gets back up with grace each time!

My mom grew up in a small farming town with two hard working parents and three older brothers. She grew up with a great work ethic and worked hard and was able to move up the ladder at her job despite not having a college degree. When she was 27, she was hit by a drunk driver while walking down the street. Her friend was killed and she lost the use of her left arm, which was her dominant side. Having a three year old son at home, she didn’t let this struggle get her down. It took many surgeries and years of physical therapy to heal-she never gained full use of her arm and hand but she went on to work harder than anyone I’ve ever known, never letting herself be labelled as disabled. She went on to have three more children 😀 A few years later, when I was 8, we lost my dad to cancer. She remained a single mom for years, working two jobs yet never missing a school event-to this day, I have no idea how she did it! When she remarried, life went on to be as normal as I think it had ever been. The kids grew up, moved out, and it was time to enjoy retirement. My parents decided to sell their house and buy an RV and travel the country. Six months into their adventure, my dad had a stroke.  That was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to witness, seeing my parents struggle like that. My dad healed slowly, and three years later, he is doing well but still not able to fully use his right side. We now joke that my parents were truly meant to be-together they have the perfect set of hands! *That may sound like something you don’t joke about, but I think they’ve earned the right to make light of it 😉

Now, I know that was a bit of an over share about a woman you’ve never meant. But I think her story needs to be told! I’ve rarely seen this woman down. She gave us a great life despite the trials she went through. I celebrate her as often as I can, not just on Mother’s Day, but I do like to make sure Mother’s Day is extra special for her. Her children are spread out all over the country now with 7 grandchildren sprinkled in the mix and I want her to know that I appreciate and love her now more than ever, even if we don’t see each other often.

I’d love to hear  about your mom, or any maternal figure in your life. Or even about how you celebrate with your children! Mother’s Day is May 11th, don’t forget!

My mom and I at the Mackinaw Bridge!

My mom and I at the Mackinaw Bridge!

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Heather is a Michigan mom of two awesome boys and married to her High School sweetheart. When she is not blogging she is getting into mischief and blaming it on the dog, packing Angry Birds in her husband's lunch, and crying about getting older.