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I just had my 39th birthday last month so long gone are the days of my carefree driving. I can’t tell you how many little fender benders I was in when I was young. Some were my fault, and some were not. But it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t put much thought into my auto insurance rates until I had an accident. Then I just knew they were going to go up.

Thankfully I outgrew my carefree driving days. Back then the big thing to look forward to was turning 25. That meant that in the eyes of the insurance company I was a responsible driver and my rates dropped.

hyundaiI remember my first car. I worked full time while going to college full time and I treated myself with a brand new car. A 1994 Hyundai Excel. I wish I could remember what my insurance was like on that little car but I am sure it was not the greatest rate around.

But now I am all grown up. I couldn’t tell you the last time I got a speeding ticket and the last accident I was in was about 2 years before I got married. It has been at least 12 years. Not to mention it is a rare occasion when I am driving around without at least one kid in the car. As a result you really do focus on slowing down and paying attention.

But even with a good driving record that does not mean that I am getting the best rates for my family. Let’s be honest, shopping for the best car insurance rates is not exactly anyone’s idea of a good time. Countless phone calls, waiting for return calls, and keeping track of all the numbers thrown at you.

car insurance has a better way. If you live in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, or Mississippi you can use the free quote tool to not only find out if your rates are good but also compare those rates with up to six national companies like; Progressive, Travelers, Esurance, 21st Century, The General and Safeco.

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After entering all our info such as what cars we drive, our birth dates, and even our current coverage I was able to see that if we keep our same coverage we actually have the lowest rate. Yay for us! But the great thing is that even if I have the lowest rate right now, that doesn’t mean it will always be that way.

It is recommended to compare rates annually. Especially if we have an accident, get a ticket or add a new driver. I can easily compare rates anytime there is a change to make sure I am still getting the lowest rate out there. #Compare2Win

I love knowing that we have the best rates possible for us right now. And I was able to find out all the info in the matter of a few minutes, without worrying about how loud the kids were or having to call multiple places.

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