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Crown Roast of Weenies. It’s What’s NOT for Dinner! — Yellow Tennessee

Crown Roast of Weenies. It’s What’s NOT for Dinner!

I have mentioned before that I am in a group on Facebook where we all talk about what we are making for dinner. It is a great way to get some new ideas or even to bring up old favorites that we haven’t had in awhile.

Today, someone posted this.

Weiner Dinner

That is The Elegant Crown Roast of Frankfurter! Frankfurter Soldiers, kneeling before the giant Tower of Sauerkraut, in a field of Curly Parsley, festooned with a Jaunt Pimento Strip Cross!

I immediately commented on how that is what I was going to make for dinner and here I was thinking I was original.

But my favorite comment was: Nothing says elegance and class like a well placed Weenie!

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