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DIY Decorations for a Minecraft Party — Yellow Tennessee

DIY Decorations for a Minecraft Party

DIY Minecraft Decorations

Last week was our Minecraft themed party and I am very happy with how it all turned out. I admit that having a couple boys tell me that I thought of everything and that they wanted to live at my house was a huge compliment that still makes me smile.

The decorations themselves were fun to work on and turned out so cute. You can make your own Minecraft decorations and it will not cost a fortune.

The bags were little goodie bags for each of the boys. Everyone got a juice pack, some candy, crayons, bubbles, and a small Lego set. I used simple brown paper bags and black and green tissue paper to stick with our Minecraft Creeper theme.

The creeper head was simply a shoe box that we covered in squares of green, and yellow paper with black tissue paper for the eyes and mouth. We worked on it for a couple of days and had a lot of fun.

DIY Creeper ballons

The balloons were hands down the easiest decoration we made. I bought green balloons and asked for black strings on them. Then before the party we used black electrical tape and put it on the front to make a creeper face.

See, told you it was easy. I have heard of people using a Sharpie and coloring the face on the balloons but I didn’t want to mess with markers and drying time by coloring balloons. The tape worked perfectly.

DIY Minecraft Party

For the table I did a simple green tablecloth, black paper plates, green plastic ware, and green napkins. If you can find the green items in different shades, then that is even better.

And with those few simple things we ended up with a perfectly decorated Minecraft party. Other then the balloons and the tablecloth and dishes for the party, I had everything else here at home. Total cost was $7.

Free Minecraft Printables

Stay tuned for one more post on all the fun food we had and some great free Minecraft Printables.

Don’t forget to check out the how to post for the Minecraft Creeper Cake.

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