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DIY Minecraft Creeper Cake — Yellow Tennessee

DIY Minecraft Creeper Cake

Make your own Minecraft Cake

Like all other boys his age, Genghis is head over heel for all things Minecraft. So when his birthday was approaching we talked about different options for a party.


We could invite everyone you know over and have games in the yard and make burgers and hotdogs.


We could do a smaller party and go to Chuck E. Cheese.


We could….


In the end it was decided that only one type of party would do and it started with mine and ended in craft. We settled on a sleepover with 3 friends of his choosing. They would eat, run around outside, and have our very first sleepover with friends. Oh, and of course they would play Minecraft.

First step, the cake.

DIY Minecraft Creeper Cake

This was really simple to make and to be honest, the only thing I would have changed would have been to buy some square cake pans to make it more Creeper-esque.


Your favorite cake mix or cake recipe.
Your favorite white icing or icing recipe.
Wilton Icing Color in green.
Wilton Gel Icing in black.

I used a basic cake recipe that my sister gave me. So you cook up your cake, then cool.

Once cool add some green icing color into your white icing until the desired shade of green is achieved. I let Genghis decide on the final shade of green. As a side note, I wish I could make butter cream frosting or lets dream big and say marshmallow fondant. But I am not the baker in the family and so I rely on store bought icing to help me out.

Ice your cake with the green icing.

I then used a metal cooling rack and gently pressed it into the top of the cake. Both up and down and then side by side. This gave the impression of the pixels that Minecraft is so famous for, without actually icing in small squares. (This is where fondant would come in handy!)

After the squares were made I used the Wilton Icing Gel and free-handed the Creeper face.

Minecraft cake


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