Does yard work always have to be a chore?

The truth is that not everybody enjoys spending time in the yard, trying to keep it looking nice. For every person that considers it a pleasant hobby, there is another who would rather be doing anything else in the world. Yet it really does not have to feel like such a burden.


Why does yard work need to be done?

If the yard is not kept neat and tidy then it can give a negative impression – of both the house and the people that live there. An unkempt yard has also been known to knock thousands off the value of a property, so it is worthwhile keeping on top of tasks such as this as the relatively small investment of time will be worth it. A beautifully maintained yard can also provide the home with additional living space and it can become the place where the whole family spends time together to relax.

What does it involve?

There are different aspects to yard maintenance. The lawn, for example, should be neat and tidily cut, with frequency of cutting depending upon the type of grass and the weather conditions. Edging the lawn will help to keep it looking good. Weeds should be removed from patio stones and the stones kept as clean as possible. Keeping the flower beds looking great will involve regular removal of weeds, deadheading the flowers and pruning the plants to encourage fresh growth. However, different plants have different needs that vary during the year. It is essential that the homeowner find out more about the plants that are there in order to ensure correct pruning, at
the right time of the year.

Essential equipment for yard maintenance

A lawn mower is a must. There are various options with these – electric, manual or gasoline versions. A good mower will last for years but ensure that parts are readily available in case they are needed. Check out sites such as Pat’s Small Engine Blog for help with this. Other essential equipment includes a spade, fork, hoe and trowel. These will come in useful for keeping the flowerbeds neat and tidy. Why not opt for a tool designed specifically for removing weeks from between patio stones? And the stones themselves are much easier to keep clean if there is a power washer available.


Another essential part of garden maintenance is having the right storage options. A garden shed is the most popular option but there is also the option of a small storage unit made from strong plastic. All that is needed is somewhere to store the tools, where they can be kept free from damp. Clean tools before putting them away and this will help to prevent rust.

If yard maintenance is not a person’s hobby of choice then it can be made a lot easier with some forward planning. A schedule of what needs to be done, and when, can make the tasks easier to bear and much more will be achieved in the long term.

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