Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX car seat Review

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One thing that we refuse to skimp on when it comes to our children is car seats. Besides wanting to make sure they are comfortable, if we were ever involved in an accident, I want to know they have the best car seat keeping them safe.

We had been talking about getting little Miss a new car seat. Not because there was really anything wrong with hers. It hadn’t expired, it still ‘worked’. She just didn’t love it. On any sort of road trips we ended up having to deal with lots of stops for no reason other than she was just not comfortable.

Then I was offered the chance to check out the new Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX car seat for review.

Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX car seat collage

Out of the box my first thought is this seat is a beast. It is not light, weighing in at 21 pounds. I personally love the extra weight as it feels really sturdy. The best part is set up was a breeze. The shoulder straps feature an Infinite Slide Harness. This means you don’t have to undo and then re-thread the straps to change the shoulder strap position. I just slid the harness up to the desired height and they locked into place. The crotch strap also features two positions for ultimate comfort. 5 minutes and we were ready to get it into the car.

Gel Matrix™ Technology

This engineered material dials up the level of comfort, keeping your child content so you can focus on the road. This engineered material reduces pressure point build-up, enhancing your child’s comfort so they maintain a proper seating position.

A distracted driver is a risk on the road, and nothing can be more distracting to a mom driving than a crying baby or toddler. According to a study conducted by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide, new moms are 300% more likely to get into an accident than other drivers, in part due to tending to an upset baby. This Gel Matrix technology helps to ensure a safer, more peaceful ride for both mom and child and help prevent an accident from ever happening.

I know for a fact that my little princess is more comfortable in this seat. After a road trip to St Louis in her old seat, I was excited to try the new seat out during a road trip to Paducahh, Kentucky. We made the 4 hour drive with only one stop for the bathroom. No crying, no throwing a fit and asking to stop just to get out of the car. She even napped on the way home. She never naps in her car seat so I knew she was comfortable.


Buckle Pockets

This is such a simple but yet absolutely ingenious idea. Bucket pockets on each side of the seat tuck the buckle tongues away. This makes it a million times easier and safer to get a child in and out of the seat. There is no more digging around for lost buckles, and the pockets eliminate the hot buckle tongues during warm weather that can burn your child.


The buckles perfectly slide into the little pockets and there is even a little label there so you are not hunting to find the pockets. I love that once she is in the seat, I don’t have to dig behind her or under her to find the straps and the buckles. It makes getting her in the seat so much quicker.


Perhaps my favorite feature of this car seat is the fact that it goes from rear facing, to forward facing, to booster seat. It is made for children from 5 pounds up to 110 pounds. That means this is the only car seat you will need to buy.

Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX

It is versatile in that you can use the cars seat belt or the included latches. It features sure latch technology. Just attach the latches to your car and then push down. You will feel the straps tighten, knowing the seat is correctly installed.

At the end of the day I am so highly impressed with this car seat. Every little detail is well thought out and executed. From the comfortable gel material which not only makes her happy to go on longer rides, but also helps keep her cool. To the buckle pockets and cup holders. I would buy this car seat for every single one of my babies.

The Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX car seat is available at Target or Target.com.

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