First Day of School

Since we home school, we do not follow a typical schedule of when we do school. I have found it is easier to take off a week here and there instead of actually taking a formal summer break. This really helps with me not feeling burnt out and not having to battle to get back in the swing of things. It is much easier to jump back in after a week off then 3 months.

As a result, we don’t have a real first day of school. I used to count it when we went up a grade but with Genghis flying through Kindergarten in a few months and testing out of 2nd grade all together, we don’t change grades at ‘normal’ times of the year.

So now I count our first day of co-op as our first day of school. Once a week we meet for the day with a bunch of other home schooled families to have different classes. This year Genghis is taking Science, Latin, Creative Writing, PE, Art, and World History.

Genghis 2014

Miss Stalin has started in Pre-K. She was so thrilled to get her very own backpack, crayons, folders, and lunch box. And she looked so very big to me walking into the building with all her gear.

Miss Stalin 2014

They both had a great day and learned a lot. They are excited for the year to come.

First Day of School

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