Five Fun theme ideas for a dinner party

Hosting a dinner party sounds so old fashioned now, but there are certainly ways to jazz it up! Here is a list of five super fun theme ideas for your next dinner party. Be sure to give them a try – invite all your friends and make a real night of it! Don’t be embarrassed about your dinner table either, there are plenty of online sites that you can visit to search for the perfect table – try Super A-mart.

Everyone likes to dress up – and everyone likes to act classy. You can’t go wrong with a Gatsby dinner party. Send out classy invitations (perhaps even from Gatsby himself!) asking all your friends to dress in their best 1920s gear, and decorate the table with your best gilded plates, feathers (peacock of course) and wine goblets. Call everyone darling and you’ll fit right in!



Progressive Dinner Party

Flash back to the 70’s for a minute (or that episode of Desperate Housewives) and throw a progressive dinner party. This is best done with people in your street – or walking distance from your house anyway. However you could even hire a little shuttle bus for the night and make it a real affair. Every participating couple needs to choose a course that they have to cook for their guests. The only catch is, you eat each course at the participating couples’ home. Once you’ve finished one course, you grab your vino, strap on your heels, and saunter down to the next persons’ house to tuck into another meal. It’s a great way to work off your dinner and meet your neighbours!


Grab a poncho, make some tacos and have a ball of a time! It’ll be hilarious seeing everyone, including the women, wearing fake moustaches – that’s reason enough right there to throw a Mexican dinner party. It doesn’t have to be Mexican though – pick any culture! Eat the food and dress appropriately. It will be fabulous!

mexian food

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This one probably works best if it’s just you and your gal pal. Make sure all the décor is Tiffany blue, wear your pearls, and speak like a lady! You could even make your own centrepiece; something with white flowers and pretty pearls, or white stones and an element of Tiffany blue. Whatever you do, use your imagination!

Movies, Books and Plays

This theme is for all your friends who get a kick out of wearing costumes. Get your guests to choose their favourite fictional character, and ask them to bring a plate of food that character is known to enjoy. To avoid everyone bringing a dessert, be sure to co-ordinate with your guests beforehand. You still want a wide range of entrees, mains and desserts! This one will be a load of fun, so make sure you give it a go!

There you have it – five fun theme ideas for your next dinner party. Don’t be afraid to be a little out there – a wacky theme is what’s going to make the night enjoyable! You can’t be bored if you’re sipping cocktails Audrey Hepburn style! Enjoy!


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