Free Dating App with $1000 #Sweepstakes

Do you remember the website Hot or Not?  The basic idea was simple, you put up your picture and others would vote on if they thought you were hot or not.

There is now an app that is the same basic idea but it takes it one step further. Hot or Not is now a dating app.

I’m thankful that I am long out of the dating world but I do remember the difficulty in meeting new people. This app can help.


You can download Hot or Not to your iPhone, your iPad, or even your PC. You can sign up for Hot or Not on Facebook or with email. If you use Facebook it will pull your date of birth, your hometown, and your photo. Then it matches you up with other people who are using the app who are in your age group and are nearby to you.

The name Hot or Not comes from you being able to decide it you think the person you are viewing is hot, or not. Once you click on the X for NOT, you are taken to the next photo of the next person.


If you find someone that you think is hot, you can then see common interests. From there you can decide if you would like to try and talk to someone or not. You always have total control of who you talk to and how you talk to them.

After you have set up your account with Hot or Not, make sure you enter the $1,000 sweepstakes!

Just picture it. You could win the sweepstakes and buy yourself a new outfit and then take your new date that you met on Hot or Not out for a great night on the town. And if you are not looking for a date, Hot or Not has the option to only look for friends.

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