Freschetta and the Chief Pizza Officer Twitter Chat

I’ve partnered with Freschetta Pizza for this post. All opinions are still 100% my own.

It is the time of year where everyone is busy. Unexpected guests stop by. And life in general can get crazy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still sit down and enjoy dinner together. But a home cooked meal isn’t always in the cards. This is where Freschetta pizza comes in.

FRESCHETTA® frozen pizzas are made with all-natural 100% real cheeses, premium meats and crunchy vegetables, all on flavorful sauces. There is something for everyone, whether you love your crust soft and thick like their Naturally Rising pizza, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside like their BRICK OVEN™ pizza, light and crunchy like their Thin & Crispy pizza, or delicate and flaky like the Gluten Free pizza!

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On Tuesday, December 2nd at 3pm EST/2pm CST there is a Twitter Chat scheduled. You can get tips, ideas and ask questions with Freschetta’s Chief Pizza Officer (CPO). Follow the hashtag #CPOChat. And you can win some awesome coupons to check out Freschetta pizza yourself!

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What exactly is a CPO?

A part of the FRESCHETTA® brand family since the popular brand first hit the shelves in 1996, Shelly’s got a degree in Bakery Science and Management from Kansas State University – and she puts it to good use! Shelly travels the country seeking the choicest ingredients for FRESCHETTA® pizza, from flavorful mushrooms in California to succulent spinach in the Pacific Northwest. Being a part of the facility outside Cincinnati that makes FRESCHETTA® pizza, means Shelly is taste-testing pizza before most people are eating breakfast, monitoring and ensuring only the best pies make it into the country’s kitchens.

Leading her team of more than 6 people, Shelly inspects nearly a quarter million FRESCHETTA® pizzas each year to ensure that the sauce is a perfect balance of savory and sweet (she checks out the tomato harvests herself!) to complement the choice toppings: We’re talking 100% real mozzarella, Parmesan, provolone and cheddar cheeses, premium meats – think seasoned sausage, special-recipe pepperoni and delicate Canadian bacon – and crunchy veggies.

For Shelly, the crust takes on a special focus all its own. Since crust cravings run the gamut, Shelly knows variety is key, so she creates something for everyone: The soft, thick crust of Naturally Rising pizza, the crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside offering of BRICK OVEN™ pizza, the light crunch of Thin & Crispy and even Gluten Free pizza. It truly is pizza done right – and Shelly’s here to make sure FRESCHETTA® pizzas continue to be the go-to choice for flavorful family meals.

Now I think the only question left to ask is how do I get this job?

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