Getting Older and Vein Health

One of the things that people never really think about as they get older are their veins.

When women focus on aging and what it will look like, typically they think about wrinkles, age spots, and hopefully the great memories left over from their laugh lies.

But the way their veins look is not something that pops right into their mind, nor something that they really think about taking care of as they age.


Typically, people start to think about their veins when they develop a problem. Over 80 million Americas suffer from vein disease, and while this is most often passed on through genetics, there are a few things that you can do to improve your vein health before a problem develops.

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help with vein health. Walking, stair climbing, bicycling and swimming are all great exercises for keeping your legs active and reduce some of the pressure on the veins in them. While varicose and spider veins can show up in your hands or face, they are most often found in the legs. Making small changes – such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator – can help you easily fit a bit more exercise into your day.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is also important when it comes vein disease. A healthy diet impacts all aspects of your life, and vein health is no different. Carrying around extra body weight puts additional strain on veins, and can make vein disease worse. Being mindful of your ideal body weight, and trying to stay as close to that number as possible will help improve your vein health and your health in general.


While vein disease is not preventable, it is something that you can still be mindful of. Because it is often genetic, being aware of your family history can help with an early diagnosis and earlier treatment. It is not something that will “go away” on its own, and treating it sooner rather than later can help prevent further health problems and make the treatment process much easier.

There are now many doctors that specialize in treating vein disease, and it is easier than ever to find an office near you.


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