Grow Something This Christmas with Chia Pets

I have partnered with Joseph Enterprise Products and Chai Pet. All opinions are my own.

As a homeschooling mom I am always looking for gift ideas that not only are fun but can also teach them something. We have been learning about plants, how they grow, the cycles of decay in plants, and all that fun stuff. He loves the subject and I figured that a Chia Pet was a fun way to give him an up close and personal look at how things can grow.

But long gone are the original Chia Pet’s you think you know. Of course you can still get them, but there is so much more now.


The ever popular Chia Pet line welcomes Chia Minnie as she joins Mickey under the tree this year. Additionally, the Chia Pet line includes Chia Kermit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Chia Gnome and the original CHIA PET Puppy and Kitten which are fun to grow while providing an educational activity for kids. For the year-round Zombie fan, Joseph Enterprises extends their newly launched Chia Zombie line into the holiday season featuring Lifeless Lisa, Creepy Holden, and Restless Arm. And for the Duck Dynasty lover there is Chia Uncle Si and Chia Willy.

Little Miss loves all things Mickey Mouse so I knew the Mickey Chia Pet would be perfect for her.

Mickey mouse chia pet

I can’t wait to see it all sprouted in our Mickey Mouse themed bathroom.

For the little man I left it up to the rep to pick what he got. And it is perfect.

TMNT chia pet

I can’t wait till Christmas day when they get these and all the fun and learning we will have in the weeks to come.

Chia Pets and all the other Joseph Enterprise products are available online and in stores including Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Target, Kmart, Rite Aid, Home Depot and more. To learn more about specific products for the holidays, please visit

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