My Boy Is Home!

We have had a rule around here that our kids may be allowed to spend the night somewhere when they ask to. Until then we just don’t do nights when they sleep away from home. There was one exception when I had Miss Stalin and wanted my husband with me at the hospital instead of at home with our son. Other than that, we keep them close.

Then family started mentioning that they would love to spend some time with Genghis and when we were ready and he was ready they wanted to keep him over the summer for a bit. He was ready.

We went home for the 4th of July for a 4 day visit. And then we left him there.


I cried like a baby when I left him.

The entire week was so strangely quiet and I missed him so much.

I knew he was in good hands. He got to spend time with my mom, his Great aunt and uncle, and my husband’s cousin and her family. He was spoiled to meals out. A day at Six Flags. Laser Tag and the arcade. And even a trip to Toys R Us, just because.

Genghis and Grandma

I knew he was having such a good time because when I would call to check on him and talk to him, he was always in a huge hurry to get off the phone.

He made it home on Sunday about 4pm. He said hello, and then asked to lay down. He slept till 8am on Monday. My little man was tired and wore out!

I am so glad that we have family who wanted the chance to spend some time with him. Who spoiled him rotten. And who loved on my boy.

But I am even more glad to have him home!

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