Myths and Correct Facts about Drain Cleaning

Drain Problems are common daily life issue and to deal with it is not so difficult if you know the facts and basics about your drainage system. Drain cleaning and maintenance is very essential. If you are living in and around the Los Angeles area of California and looking for drain cleaner services, just know about following myths and facts before calling them:


      1. Myth: Drain Cleaners are good…
There are many drain cleaners available in the market, so you think these drain cleaners can get the solution of the slower drain. The fact is that the drain cleaners are really very harmful for the entire drain system and can create the real big problems to the drain pipes. These drain cleaners are made of acidic chemicals that can damage and eat away the drain system completely.
Solution: Use the natural ways to clean the drain such as backing soda, vinegar, etc.

      2. Myth: During Rain Overflowing Basements must only be Dealt with…
During the rain time we think that just dealing with the overflowing basement is what we should look for. But the face is overflowing basements may have the root cause hidden in the plumbing system of drainage. To identify the real cause of drain overflows, an inspection through video camera is really essential.

      3. Ice helps in sharpening the disposal blades of Garbage…
This is a myth that the lemons can keep the disposable blades long lasting. This is more advised to use the vinegar or baking soda instead of the yellow lemons. If you want to get rid of stinking drain just use vinegar which is a better alternate to lemon.


      4. Doing Plumbing Yourself Is Enough…
This is one of the biggest myths that everything can be handled at home without any requirement of skills and qualification. Plumbing is also an art and needs qualification and expertise. Hence, do not do everything yourself. Taking the help of the professional plumbing services can really save your drain system and time as well.

      5. Instruction Manuals Are Just Useless
This is a mostly seen myth that there is no need to read the drain system manuals. It may be lengthy and boring but reading them thoroughly can really gain you better understanding about your own house drain system. You can deal with the sudden issues immediately with the guidelines and troubleshooting instructions of manual.

       6. Not Cleaning Strainer is OK…
Strainers are a real help to stop getting the food carbs and hairs and other particles getting in the Drain. But make sure that every time you drain anything, you clean the strainer properly and take out the garbage stuck in it.
Above given myths are the few only. There are many more myths about the drain system. Professionals can only understand any drain system the best. You can look for the drain cleaners of Los Angeles Plumbers who can be real guide to deal with all your drain system related problems and give you the best service.

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