No Tech Sunday

As the mom of an 8 year old we have strict limits on TV, video game, and computer time. Without them, he would spend all day watching TV and playing Minecraft.

But then we were talking and realized that even though we limit him, we don’t have any limits on ourselves. We are constantly checking email, Facebook, and various other sites as though we may miss something huge.

So we decided that Sunday’s would be our no tech day.


We figured we go to church together so it would be an easy day to spend as a family. The rules are simple, no iPhones, no iPad, no Leap Pad, no computers. We are not ruling out TV but we are limiting it.

Sunday was our first day and it was met with some grumbling from Genghis. Mainly because he usually plays on his iPad in the car on the way too and from church. But other than asking what was going to happen next, the day was a success.

After church we headed home and finished getting a big lunch ready. Since computers were off limit, my husband even helped cook.

After lunch I had some work to do outside in the chicken coop and both kids came out to help. My husband went and did a little bit of yard work.

After the chores were done, we ended up going on a walk. We have 6 acres of land and despite living here for almost a year there is a lot of space that we haven’t explored.

The dogs ran free, the kids played and we just enjoyed the amazing weather. We spend some great quality time together and just enjoyed being a family.

The day ended with sandwiches, watermelon and some popcorn and we all sat down to watch the latest Hobbit movie. The movie ended and I had both of my babies on my lap.

A perfect end to a great day. I can’t wait to do it again next Sunday.

Have you ever had a tech free day?

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