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Oriental Trading Company, so much more than Crafts — Yellow Tennessee

Oriental Trading Company, so much more than Crafts

I love tying to be crafty and my kids like to watch me try. That is why we all love that I partner with Oriental Trading Company a few times a year. All opinions are always my own.

One of my favorite things as a blogger is working with some great companies. A couple of times of year, I get to work with Oriental Trading Company and it is always fun. It gives me new craft ideas to try out and even get the kids involved. And I spend time between reviews looking over the site and planning on what I am going to order next.

For fall I had visions of pumpkins, colored leaves, and scarecrows running through my head. Or this Eyeball Feather Wreath.

Halloween eyeball feather wreath

And because we still haven’t bought a pumpkin, and the thought of carving and dealing with the mess makes me feel all stabby, I should have gotten this adorable pumpkin decorating craft kit.

pumkin decorating kit

But while browsing the site, you know what I realized? They have so much more than just craft things.

I saw school items (think storage solutions), toys, stationary, and of course the usual toys, crafts, and party supplies. But then I was really surprised.

Did you know that Oriental Trading Company has Halloween Costumes?

Darth Vader costume

In keeping with our Star Wars Halloween theme we went with the Darth Vader costume from Oriental Trading Company. And it is perfect. This costume includes:

Polyester jumpsuit with 3D molded EVA collar
Injection molded helmet and mask
Boot tops
Chest piece

We also got a handy light saber. Mommy messed up and requested the one for Anakin instead of Darth Vader. So the color isn’t right, but nonetheless it is still awesome. And the little man not only looks great in it, but he loves it.

Oriental Trading Company Halloween Costume

There has already been tons of play in the Halloween costumes. And Little Miss is going as Princess Leia. Every time Darth comes into the room she runs up and says ‘you are my father.’

What are your kiddos dressing up as for Halloween?

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