Personalize your Kitchen with the new BlueStar Jewel Tone Line

Since we bought this house I am still very happy with it. There are a few little things I’d like to change or upgrade. And of course we have big, grand plans for an eventual addition that will include a new bigger kitchen.

In the meantime the kitchen I have works.


Thankfully I have since gotten a black fridge to match the rest of the appliances. I have two main complaints with my kitchen. It is a galley kitchen so it is very, very small. While this actually makes a functional work space when it is just me, add in one more person and it becomes tiny, crowded and horrible. Throw in both kids and I want to run away.

The biggest issue I have with it is that it just lacks any real character.

I am by nature a lover of all things different. I adore big, bold colors. Anything unique and I tend to love it. However, I will not skimp on quality just to get something that looks good.

This is where BlueStar comes in.

BlueStar Jewel line

Handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania, BlueStar cooking products are designed for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens. Our commitment to precision in form and function is why many top chefs consider BlueStar to be the world’s top-performing residential cooking equipment.

Built with the highest-quality materials and distinctive workmanship that comes from 130 years expertise, BlueStar turns up the heat on home cooking with a fully customizable line to suit the specific cooking needs of the accomplished home chef. Available in a painter’s palette of colors, and with near infinite configuration possibilities, BlueStar premium cooking products deliver restaurant magic to the home kitchen.

BlueStar has just introduced an amazing Jewel Tone line. BlueStar is currently available in over 750 colors and textures. And if you have a color in mind that they don’t offer, they can make it for you! The new Jewel Tones are beautiful and include Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, and Mahogany.

BlueStar Jewel Tones

I am having a hard time picking a favorite. Then after imagining just what I want my kitchen to look like, I realize that I love the Topaz range. It is just beautiful.

BlueStar Jewel Line Topaz

And it would add just the perfect amount of character and color instead of my normal boring kitchen.


Would you ever add a colored range to your kitchen?

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