Preserving Your Floors Post-Holiday

I have always loved the look of hardwood floors but until I got my own, I never realized how much work they were to keep looking good. I have a love hate relationship with my hardwood floors.

The holidays have come and gone, and hopefully didn’t leave too much of a mess for you to clean up. After the crazy storm that is the holiday season, many people begin to clean up their holiday decorations and store them away for next year. However, many of these beautiful and festive designs can leave a trail of destruction behind them, that can wreak havoc on your floors especially carpet or hardwood. Here are some common holiday messes and how to take care of them!

• If you love the beauty of a real Christmas tree, then you know how sticky they can get. Sap can get on your carpet or hardwood floor and quickly make a mess. If you find some sap left over when cleaning up for the holidays, it’s important to act quick and smart! Using an ice cube, you can freeze the sticky residue and lift it off. Deeper stains will require more cleaning, or even professional cleaning if the stain is in your carpet fibers.


• Pine needles and glitter left over from decorations can easily be cleaned off your carpet by using a lint roller or a wad of masking tape. If you have a more solid floor, you can easily use a small broom and dust pain to get rid of the festive mess.

• After the family has been long gone, it’s a good idea to shampoo and clean your floors. Because of the extra amount of foot traffic, doing a deep cleaning can help preserve the integrity of your floors. Consider rearranging furniture in your home, especially if you have carpet to help relieve some of the pressure areas of your carpet may have encountered.

Consider the post-holiday season a great time to get your floors back in great shape! Refresh your carpet and make those hardwood floors sparkle until your next holiday season.

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