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My husband recently got an iPad Air. He travels for work a lot and wanted something that was more portable than a laptop. Not to mention when on a job site or taking notes in the truck, a laptop is not exactly something that works well.

Working construction is also not something that you want to have delicate devices in. Drops, falls, water, bangs, can all lead to a broken technology in pretty short time. We knew we needed something that would protect our device.

LifeProof Logo

We are already huge fans of OtterBox for their tough iPhone cases. So when we were doing some research we realized that LifeProof is part of the OtterBox family. And I was dying to work with them.

LifeProof cases offer 4 levels of protection.

LifeProof 4 Proof

Water Proof

LifeProof cases are waterproof up to 6 feet of submersion. This means your device can now become an underwater camera. You can swim, surf or soak without worry that your device will not make it. Every case is water tested. If it leaks, it doesn’t get sold. So you can be sure that your case will not let any water in.

Dirt Proof

The same protection that guards your device against water also keeps the dirt out. Take it on a hike, to the beach, in the garden. Or in our case, to a job site covered in dust. The LifeProof case keeps your device working great.

Snow Proof

Want to go skiing? No problem with your LifeProof case. These cases protect against snow, ice and sleet.

Shock Proof

Drops are the most common way for a device to get damaged. Accidental tumbles are a normal part of life. LifeProof cases are designed to protect your device against drops up to 6.6 feet. They are designed to exceed stringent Military Specifications.

LifeProof frē

For this review we checked out the LifeProof frē, Mounting Cradle, and the Hand and Shoulder Strap.

The LifeProof frē is the perfect case for the iPad Air. Besides offering the four levels of protection, it only adds 200 grams to the total weight and just 10mm to the thickness. The frē includes a built in scratch protector for the screen while not taking away from the functionality of the touch screen. The frē case also allows access to every control. The volume buttons are still easy to use and all the ports are easy to access.

LifeProof frē with shoulder strap

The mounting cradle is the perfect way to secure you device while still being on the go. In the car, boat, plane, or even the classroom, the mounting cradle keeps your device in one spot. The mounting cradle is compatible with all AMPS & VESA mounting systems and lockable for ultimate security. The cradle also features one handed quick release latch complete access to all functions and ports.

LifeProof mounting cradle

The shoulder and hand strap are my favorite accessory for the case. The shoulder strap allows you to carry your device on you. This is perfect for my husband when he is walking through a job site and needs his hands free. The shoulder strap has rubberized stitching for no slips and it is adjustable for a perfect fit.

The hand strap allow you remain in control of the device while leaving one hand free. It is adjustable and padded for a comfortable grip.

LifeProof hand strap

Besides the iPad Air, LifeProof also makes cases and accessories for the iPad 2/3/4 generation, the iPad Mini, the iPod 4 and 5 generation, and the iPhone 4/4S, 5, 5S, and even a case for the 5c. They also offer cases for the Galaxy 3S, 4S, and 5S.


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