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Score Better Health with Coach by Cigna on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S 5 has just introduced a new Coach by Cigna digital health guidance for 36 countries and 26 languages. The goal is to make health and wellbeing a fun, interesting and vital part of everyday life!

Coach by Cigna is a new app that is designed to make better health a habit.

Start off by answering a few simple questions such as your eating, sleeping, and exercising habits. From there your Coach will give you different suggestions for things you can do to help you achieve better health and habits.

Little things like taking a walk every day. Or adding another serving of veggies to a meal. How about some more water?

You can ever personalize your goals. Want to lose some weight? Eat better? No matter what your goal, the Coach app will give you different missions to help you reach your goal. Pick the missions you want to do and then mark off when they are completed.

As you finish missions you can earn badges. And we all know that if you can earn something you are more likely to keep going.

At the end of the day, no matter how many badges you earn, you will also earn new healthy habits that will stick with you.

What are some healthy habits you want to start?

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