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No matter if I am shopping online or in stores, I am always looking for a way to save us some money. Everything from clothing, to electronics, and even gifts. As a one income family, stretching ever dollar is a way to make sure that we are not living paycheck to paycheck.


When I hear about sites that offer multiple discounts all in one spot, I get excited. Finding current deals for multiple retailers in one spot is just a better use of my time.


Frugaa is one such site. They offer coupon codes, free shipping offers, and other discounts to hundreds of different retailers.

You can easily search by what you are looking to buy and even put in your budget. This allows Frugaa to match you with the best deals for your budget. For example, if I am looking for clothing and have a budget of $150, Frugaa matches me with the best deals and the ones that will save me the most money.

frugaa savings

Frugaa also offers a rewards program. You can easily earn points and win gift cards by sharing content on Frugaa’s site. Prizes are $10, $25 and $50. Just make a profile, connect with other community members, and complete challenges to earn points and unlock levels and badges.

Here is how it works:

Earn points to unlock levels and badges as you Like, Tweet, Visit & Comment on! We have 30 levels in total which correspond to different point slabs. The more points you score, the higher levels you unlock. Start earning points now to unlock levels and grab your gift cards from Frugaa!

After browsing the site for just a few minutes I found that I can get free shipping plus save another 25% off sale items at the Disney Store, 30% off your total Lands End order, and free shipping and 25% your order at Old Navy. Combine any of those with clearance or sale items and the savings really adds up.

Next time you have any online shopping to do, take a minute and check out Frugaa. I bet you will save a bunch.

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