#SpringIntoSavings with Savings.com and Home Depot #Giveaway

Front yard

We have a big huge front yard and with the exceptions of a few trees there isn’t much going on in the way of landscaping. There are a couple of flowerbeds right in front of the house but they have bushes in them. I know nothing about plants so I don’t mess with the bushes.

I have one flower bed on the side of the house that I really need to tear out and then redo. It has two rosebushes on either end of it but they are long since dead. I would love to replant it with annuals that will keep parts of the bed blooming all year long. But because I tend to kill everything, I need plants that are easy to care for.

Thankfully I can find everything I need at the Home Depot. They even have a step by step guide for creating a three season flowerbed.

three season flower bedAnd now is the time of year to head over to the Home Depot and get started on all those projects you have waiting for you around the house. From Monday, April 21st till Sunday, April 27th you can save $10 off $100 or more at Home Depot. With that kind of savings I have no reason not to get started on that flower bed that is just sitting there looking ugly.

But it gets even better. In addition to the $10 promotion, Savings.com is giving away $3,000 in Home Depot e-gift cards from April 21st to April 23rd. There will be fifty $20 gift cards given away each day.

The best thing about this giveaway is that it resets everyday. This means you can enter all three days and you could win up to $60 in Home Depot gift cards. Imagine, if you won 3 gift cards, then used the $10 off promo, you could score $100 worth of DIY supplies for only $30. That would really help you Spring Into Savings!

Enter the Home Depot Spring Into Savings Giveaway and jump start your DIY list.


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