This Is 39!

I turned 39 today.

It was a wonderful day.

But I couldn’t help but think how my life has changed.

Happy 39th Birthday

I still got up at 6am despite wishing I could sleep until noon.

Today was spent still doing school with Genghis.

I still did laundry. Cleaned the bathrooms. Kissed boo boo’s and rocked little ones to sleep.

But other than missing my Dad today it was an amazing day.

My husband spoiled me rotten this year.

I got a new camera that I had been drooling over for a few years. It was on my really want, but won’t spend the money on list.

Sunday was lunch out at a Mexican restaurant. A favorite of mine but no one else really cares for it so we never eat it.

Tonight we had pizza for dinner. And cupcakes for dessert.

I didn’t have to cook. Clean up consisted of throwing some dishes in the dishwasher.

Then I rounded out the evening by doing a meal plan and grocery list for next week.

Happy Birthday Cupcakes

And you know what?

I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Just getting to spend some great quality time with the ones I love the most was a perfect way to celebrate.

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