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Top 14 Posts of 2014 - Yellow Tennessee

Top 14 Posts of 2014

It has been an incredible year for Yellow Tennessee. And I am looking forward to an even better year in 2015. Thank you for being a part of the success here. I hope and pray that you all have an amazing New Year.

I always thought it was fun to read the most popular posts on other blogs but had never done one here. Well, I am about to change that. Some are not from this year, some are. But these were the 14 most popular posts of 2014 on Yellow Tennessee.

1. Oddities. This little gem was from 2011 but still ranks high in views for the year. Currently it has received over 76,000 views. From the Bermuda Triangle to The Klerksdorp Spheres this post is full of all kinds of things that can’t be explained.

2. Why Did the Pig Cross the Road? Living in a very rural area you never know what you are going to see. We’ve had cows in the front yard, goats in the back yard, and one time there were pigs walking down the street.


3. DIY Sock Snowman. One of my favorite things to do was the 25 days of Christmas series last year. I invited other bloggers to join in and share their favorite crafts and recipes with me. This sock snowman is still a favorite.

4. Spinach Stuffed Chicken Parm. I love that a simple recipe I created is still a huge favorite here.

5. Garlic Butter Parmesan Wings. Another simple recipe that has become a huge favorite around here. Being that they are made in the slow cooker, it is perfect for a great meal on a busy day.

Slow cooker garlic butter parmesan chicken wings

6. Pretzel Rolls. These rolls have become a family favorite and make an amazing bun for a burger.

7. Best Steak Recipe. This recipe we adore. We still use it all the time to make any steaks we have.

8. Dying your Dogs. Yes, some people have too much time on their hands. These people now dye their dogs to look like other animals. I still say I have way too many other things going on to keep up with this.

9. DIY Christmas Canvas Art. I loved how cute and simple this craft is to make. It would be easy to do for any holiday and you could easily change them out for the seasons.

10. Hand and Foot Print Christmas Tree Craft. This still hangs on our wall every year for Christmas. And the best part, it was so easy to make and the kids got to do most of the painting.

Hand and foot print Christmas tree craft

Hand and foot print Christmas tree craft

11. Pancake Fruit Cups. Christmas morning and every year on their birthday, the kids know what they are having for breakfast. These Pancake fruit cups and so easy to make and can be customzied with any fruit you want.

12. DIY Duct Tape Crayon Roll. This is still one of my favorite crafts we have ever made. It turned out so cute and is something we still talk about to this day.

DIY Duct Tape Valentine Crayon Roll

13. Bath time fun with Shaving Cream. Every so often I find a super easy craft that is easy to do and fun. This one fills both.

14. DIY Stencil T-shirt. Even though we made this shirt 2 full years ago, he still has it. He has long outgrown it, and doesn’t wear it anymore but he won’t let me get rid of it. I need to make another one for him soon.


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