Two’s Company: How to Date Again as a Single Mom

Re-entering the dating world can be especially hard for single mums. The kiddies take center stage, and you may not have as many opportunities to meet new people as you used to. The good news is that there are ways to make the quest for true love easier. Whether you use free online dating sites or ask your friends to do some matchmaking for you is your choice, but here are some tips for single mums who are ready to find love again:


Try Online Dating

Online dating has become so popular now that it’s no longer a taboo, and an increasing number of relationships start out online. You can ease yourself gently back into the dating world if you join a reputable site and browse for singles in your area. Once you’ve found the right site for you, start thinking about your own profile and what to include. Don’t be frightened to ask your friends for help. They may find it easier than you to list your positive qualities and can help you put together an attractive profile with a flattering photo. If you can’t find a suitable image then why not ask a friend to take some?


Ask friends to match make

You have access to a much wider social circle through your friends and family, and they likely know a few singletons who might be a good match for you. It doesn’t have to be love, but going on a date with a mutual friend is a way to launch yourself back into the dating world (and it doesn’t have to be kicking and screaming, either!). You might prefer this option if you have any concerns about personal safety. If you’re not keen on the idea of a one-to-one then your friend could arrange a dinner party and invite you both, or you could become acquainted at a party.

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Take up a new hobby

If the prospect of any kind of date is too scary right now then why not simply focus on meeting new people? This way, you can enter the dating world again at your own pace, increase your confidence and think about exactly what you’re looking for (and not looking for!) in your next relationship. By joining a club or group in your local area, or taking up a hobby, you can meet new people and widen your social circle (and have more fun!). Who knows, you might even end up getting a date out of it.

Re-entering the dating game can be a challenge for single mums, but by
calling on friends for help and trying out online dating you could soon be
moving confidently back into the dating world in the quest for your beau.
What’s your biggest worry when it comes to dating again? Would you consider
looking for love online?

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