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Weekend Fun — Yellow Tennessee

Weekend Fun

It is the end of another weekend. We got up on Sunday morning with no plans. As I was putting breakfast on the table my husband came in and asked who wanted to go to a corn maze. I am 39 years old and have never been to one so I was game.

So we got ready and headed out on our adventure.

First stop was Tom’s Farm. It was over priced and while they said it was 8 acres, I would guess it to be more like 4 total. It was very easy to get in and out of and not at all challenging.


But being my first maze I wasn’t sure if that was just what to expect.


The kids had fun so that is always a plus.

On our way home we decided to go and try another one. The Mid South Maze in Memphis was a blast and did not disappoint.

Mid South Maze

The first half went pretty fast and I admit to being worried that it was going to disappoint. We reached the signs for the half way point and decided to keep on.

The second half is much, much harder. We walked in a circle for a good 20 minutes.


They did a great job of making it so that you really lose all sense of direction. A fact that frustrated my husband. But I was in it for the adventure. I knew at some point we would make it out.


And sure enough we made it out in one piece. A little dirtier, a lot thirstier and a little hotter. But it was so much fun.

The Mid South Maze also does a haunted maze on Friday and Saturday nights. Wednesday nights are family nights and after the maze they offer free hay rides and a bonfire. I did a little looking and they change the maze design every year. I can’t wait to go back again next year.

Have you ever done a corn maze?

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