What to look for when purchasing your next BBQ

Purchasing a new barbecue is a bit like purchasing your next car. You don’t want to go out and buy the first thing that catches your eye. You have to be a bit discerning; certain of what you are looking for and that, when you find it, the barbecue will suit all your grilling needs. The best start is to take advice from barbecue professionals such as those at Ziegler and Brown to ensure you are fully up to speed on what is available in the current market. But in the meantime, here are a few tips on what to look for when purchasing your next barbecue.


How Big is Too Big

The first thing you must do is determine what it is you want from your barbecue. Do you want a grill that you can easily drag out from its hiding place for a quick meal on the back patio on a Sunday afternoon, or do you want it to effectively be a second, albeit outdoor, kitchen? Is it just for the family, or do you intend having hoards from the neighborhood over every other weekend? Will it be a permanent feature of your back yard, or do you want something that can be moved about and taken to the beach for the occasional outing? Each of these things will help determine how large or portable you want your new barbecue to be.

The Best Heat Source

You’ve got three choices here – gas, charcoal or wood. What you select will depend on your individual circumstances. Gas is convenient and provides even heat distribution; charcoal is economical and provides relatively strong heat for long periods; whereas wood is a bit more difficult to start and maintain, but provides a delicious flavor to the food. Speak to your barbecue consultant as to what best suits you.

Grill Size and Burner Numbers

If you choose gas, you’re going to have to look at the grilling space and the number of burners. The number of burners will not only depend on the amount of food you want to cook, but the type of ingredients. For example, steak and fish require vastly different heat settings to cook properly. If you are going to cook them at the same time, it is going to be difficult to separate the two heats on a smaller three burner unit. You are going to have to buy a larger grill for better separation.


Finally, make sure the barbecue you select is sturdy enough for your needs. If you are going to drag it about the yard, to the beach or on camping trips you are going to want it to be sturdy enough to keep up with you. Barbecues come in a range of materials, including plastic, stainless steel and heavy metal. A plastic model might not last too long when being dragged around the country, but a heavy metal grill is going to be difficult to haul in and out of the car.

Choose well, and you will have a barbecue to keep you and your family happy for many years. There is a lot to consider but, like cooking a good steak, you’re going to have to find a happy median for the best result.


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