Wonderful Halos

I am very lucky in that my kids love fresh fruit. Genghis eats an apple every single day before breakfast. And they both love eating fresh fruit throughout the day for snacks.

This time of year one of our most favorite fruits are clementines. They are available from November to January and I find that we eat our weight in them. They are super sweet, very juicy, easy to peel and have no seeds. That means I can quickly peel some, pass them out and everyone can enjoy a snack.


So when I was contacted to receive some goodies from Halos, I of course said yes.

Besides being so good and easy to eat, Halos are also found nationally. Which of course means that we can all enjoy the wonderful vitamin c goodness during cold and flu season.

Haloa are also non-GMO and are grown right here in the US.


Halos really are filled with ‘pure goodness’.

But this Pure Goodness extends far beyond the taste. Recently Halos took their pure goodness message to schools across America by providing nutritious food to children through the Feeding America BackPack program. Feeding America is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks. The Feeding America BackPack Program supplies children the healthy food they need to get them through the weekend. Bags of food are assembled at more than 150 local food banks and distributed to nearly 230,000 children every year.

Cheryl Burke Backpack

To help raise money for the Feeding America Backpack Program, Halos has teames up with celebrities such as soon to be mom, Kristin Cavallari; Samantha Harris; and Cynthia Bailey to have them design a Halos backpack. The adorable backpack above was designed by Cheryl Burke.

Now I have another reason to love Halos. Besides being tasty and healthy, they are also setting out to make a difference in children’s lives.


Most importantly, Miss Stalin approves.


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