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We all have things around the house that we are not using anymore. They just take up space. Those books you will never read again. That cooking pan that you replaced and don’t use anymore. Those jeans you have swore for the past 5 years you would wear again.

What if I told you there was a way for you to give this stuff away to people who could use it and even get some new stuff you would like?

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yerdle is a great new app where users can give away things they are no longer using. Instead of money changing hands, credits are used to get items you are interested in.

Everyone starts off with 250 credits just for signing up. From there you can build up the amount of credits you have by offering things that you no longer need.

It is like a giant online swap meet.

You can even search for things you are looking for or search for other items from people in your area.

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One thing I really like is that there is such a wide variety of things. Some of them are in perfect working order. Some of them have a little problem but everything is disclosed before.

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If you find something on yerdle you like but they are not in your area, you can pay a low shipping rate and have it sent to you. Shipping runs from $2 to $4 for an item and payments are made via Amazon.

No money changes hands via users.

Once you pay for shipping, a shipping label is sent via email to the original poster and they ship the item to you.


So far I have not listed anything on yerdle but I have been looking around the house tonight for things I no longer need. I dream of a day when I have less clutter and have enough credits to bid on things like a camera or a Kindle.

I have however scored some great things on yerdle. A great pair of jeans and the full set of The Lord of the Rings books. All for the bargain price of only $7 in shipping.

I have seen some great things on yerdle. Everything from a Kindle, to a full color Nook. Camping equipment and clothing in every size.

All items have a bidding system set up where the poster sets the minimum or starting bid. The poster also has the option to add a ‘get it now’ credit price. This means you won’t ever get stuck in a bidding war with anyone.

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My favorite things about yerdle is it has motivated me to find things around the house that we are no longer using. The saying ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’ comes to mind. And even though I am always looking at yerdle to see if there is anything I just have to have, I don’t go bid crazy. Because I have a certain amount of credits until I list some things, I am really forced to think about if I need an item or just want it.

Win It:

One lucky Yellow Tennessee winner will receive 250 extra credits to use at yerdle. This will bring your starting credits up to 500. yerdle is currently available from iTunes or on your computer.

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