You are my Sunshine


Three years ago today I was in a hospital room waiting to meet our newest baby.

I still can’t believe it has been 3 years. Where has the time gone?

We knew you were going to be a girl. We had your name picked out the day we found out you were a girl. I knew that I would love you. I was head over heels for your brother, and I never wondered or questioned if I would have enough love for you. I knew it would be there.


I was a little more confidant this time. Not so scared I would break you. Not afraid of the unknowns.


From the day we came home from the hospital you were your own person. You took everything I thought I knew about babies and changed it. You slept great as long as I was holding you.

You were happy and content as long as I was near.

If anyone else tried to hold you, you would scream and cry like you were dying. Your Daddy included.


Then you turned one and things got a little easier.

You started walking, running and climbing.

Your personality really started to come through.


You loved dresses and pink and all things girly.

You are a total ham and love nothing more than to be the center of attention.


Then you turned two.

You were so high maintenance. You need routine and schedules to be happy. You were the exact opposite of your laid back and easy going brother.

You were and are my mini-me. Not only do you look so much like me but you act like me. You show me on a daily basis all the things I hate about my own personality. But you also remind me that there is so much good in there too. Their is so much love and there is a trusting heart, unwilling to think that anyone could have bad intentions.

You still love all things pink and girly. You found a new favorite with Minnie mouse. But you also can run and play in the mud with the best of them.


And even though you will be always be the one that cured me of any baby fever I may have ever had, you were also a joy.

I love walking into the room and asking if anyone has seen my best girl and seeing you jump up and down saying me, me, me.

I adore the fact that at bedtime every night you ask me to sing ‘sunshine’ to you.

3 years

And now you are three.

I know tonight you will still ask me to sing ‘sunshine’. And I will. I will smile at the fact that out of all the songs in the world this one is so perfect for you.

I will kiss your head and know how truly blessed I am that you will only go to sleep at night if I am the one to rock you and tuck you in.

I will still pray over you every night. That you never lose your love for laughter and hugs.

That you will always love God.

And that you will go after anything you want.

You little girl, really are my sunshine. You make me happy on a daily basis and I pray that one day you will have your own little girl so you will have an idea of how much I love you.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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