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Allergy Awareness Month with Red Robin Gift Card #Giveaway - Yellow Tennessee

Allergy Awareness Month with Red Robin Gift Card #Giveaway

All Red Robin information, gift card and giveaway have been provided by Red Robin. Opinions are still 100% my own.
Having an allergy of any kind can be scary, troubling, and hard to deal with. Having a child with an allergy is all of those things times 1,000. Little Miss was diagnosed with an allergy to dairy at a young age. It was overwhelming and so scary.

Then I got the hang of it. It wasn’t panic inducing to leave the house and go out to eat. I didn’t have anxiety about being around other people with food. I knew what worked for us and always made sure to have plenty of it on hand. It got to be something that wasn’t at all a big deal. It was normal.

Allergy Awareness month

Thankfully, there are some restaurants that get the anxiety that goes along with eating out and food allergies. Red Robin in one of them. So when we were invited to try out there Interactive Allergen Menu I was excited to see what it was all about. Imagine being able to create a menu full of choices that you can eat. Things that you can go out, enjoy, and not have to worry about getting something that you can’t have. It is almost freeing.

Allery Awareness Month

This menu is so simple and such a great idea, I hope that more and more restaurants will follow. First off, just head over to Red Robin’s Interactive Allergen Menu. Select what you are allergic to, pick between categories, and then see what items are safe for you to eat.

The Allergen Menu includes everything from fish, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and shellfish to tree nuts, soy, wheat and even gluten. You then get to pick what you are looking for. Choose between the kids menu, appetizers, salads, burgers, entrees, and more. A couple clicks of a button and you now have a full menu that you know you can eat.

allergy awareness month

Keeping our dairy allergy in mind we headed off to Red Robin after using the Interactive Allergen Menu. It was great being able to walk in and know exactly what we could and couldn’t have. No more asking the poor server a million questions. No more wondering if said server didn’t tell you wrong. I was able to walk in knowing exactly what to avoid.

For example, if you are avoiding gluten, these are some examples of what you can have from Red Robin’s burger category:

Allergy Awareness Menu

As a side note, I had no idea that you couldn’t have onions when on a gluten free diet. I don’t know that I could deal with that.

Now on to the food. It was all amazing. I had an incredible burger, the kids and my husband both loved their meals. And we were even able to share some dessert. And guess what? I didn’t have to stress about a single thing anyone was eating.

Want to try out Red Robin’s new Interactive Allergen Menu? Enter to win a $25 Red Robin gift card so you can check it out.

How have food allergies affected your family’s abilities to dine out together?

Posted by Yellow Tennessee on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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