Check out Our Matching Christmas PJs from Chasing Fireflies

Christmas has come and gone. The tree is put away. The cookies have been eaten. The gifts have been opened and life in general has returned to normal. But we can still relive Christmas morning all year long with our Matching Personalized PJs from Chasing Firefiles.

matching pjs

Shopping for new pajamas has never been so much fun. Chasing Fireflies is a treat for everyone and sure to delight anyone you are shopping for.

I went with the Adult Personalized Red Candy Stripe PJs for us. Then I spent some time looking over the site and trying to decide if I wanted to match the kids with ours or do something a little different for them.

In the end, I decided that the kids would think it was most fun to match their pajamas with mommy, daddy, and Grandma. They got the Kids Personalized Red Candy Stripe PJs. And they are adorable.

I love that at bed time my daughter requests that we wear our matching ‘jamma’s’. And even my 8 year old who tries to play it cool loves that he can match with Daddy on these cold winter nights.

My mom has already had to head back home but she has commented more that once how my nieces and nephews love that she got new pajamas and that they even have her name on them. Because when you are 5, Grandma is her name!

matching pjs

Christmas morning was so fun with everyone waking up and opening gifts wearing our matching pajamas. And any day of the week we can wear our new PJs and relive Christmas morning.

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