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Easy St Patrick's Day Craft - Yellow Tennessee

Easy St Patrick’s Day Craft

Valentine’s day is behind us and we can now move on from the hearts and pink that are everywhere. While the stores are sure to be decked out for Easter next time you go in we do still have St Patrick’s day to celebrate.

I am not Irish. I have never pretended to be Irish. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to make sure to wear our green and threaten to pinch the kids if they don’t. And who doesn’t love a big bowl of Irish stew? You can have the green beer, I want the stew!

St Patricks day craft

St Patrick’s Day Craft

This craft is simple, only takes a few minutes and looks adorable. That is my kind of craft.

st patricks day craft

You will need a small pot (I found this adorable chalkboard bucket at Target for $1).
Some gold and green glitter
‘Gold’ for your pot (I used Rolo’s)

Place some glue around the top of your pot or bucket, then sprinkle some glitter over it. I did the glitter outside to minimize the amount in my house. I also found it worked much better to allow it to dry upside down. The glue wanted to run a bit when it was drying and sitting normally.

st patricks day craft

After it dries fill with your gold and display. I was trying to find chalk so I could write ‘For my little Leprechauns’ on it but alas, no chalk.

In the end it didn’t matter. It still turned out so cute and I love the way it looks on the table.

St patricks day craft

The only downfall is that we keep eating lots of Rolo’s.

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