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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Vehicle Grime — Yellow Tennessee

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Vehicle Grime

How often you give your car a good spring clean probably depends on whether you live in a rural or urban area. However, some parts of your car will take a pounding no matter where you reside; but a little attention should be enough to eradicate the grime. Get out the vacuum cleaner and power-washer, to rejuvenate your car’s interior and exterior dirt-magnets.

Pre-clean vacuuming
Before washing any part of the interior, make sure to give your mats a thorough once over with an adequate vacuum cleaner; there’s no point washing first as this will only push dirt deeper. Remove the mats before vacuuming, and make sure to use a nozzle attachment to get into those corners.Also remember to include your trunk in this part of the clean-up process.

Heavy-duty cleaning
Car mats definitely attract the dirt and grime throughout the year, because that’s part of their job. They come in a variety of materials; rubber mats are simple to clean, and a quick once over with a power-washer should remove all of the dirt. If your mats are of the carpet variety, with plastic or rubber backing, then cleaning with soap and a scrubbing brush is the best option; soak overnight if the dirt is seriously ingrained. Don’t be tempted to stick the mats into a washing machine, as this can easily lead to cracks on the less-flexible backing area.

The upholstery option
Many people do use a car-valeting service to get their upholstery looking like brand new, but you can choose to clean interiors yourself. Purchase a spray upholstery cleaner to use on your soft-furnishing areas, including the carpets. Use a scrubbing brush on the seats but don’t be too harsh, whereas you should put in a little extra elbow-grease when it comes to those floor coverings. If you’ve gone heavy on the water then remove the under-floor drain plugs and let the interior dry off for a few days.

Exterior cleaning
Most of us will use a car-wash but you can get roughly the same level of cleanliness via a power-washer; wash from the top down and don’t forget tires. Rinse off frequently during the exterior wash, and use a high-quality window-cleaner, and anti-fogging product on the exterior and interior of your windows.

It should only take a few hours to get your vehicle looking pristine. Remember that if you live in areas within close-proximity of sea waters, then a deeper clean may be required to fully eradicate traces of salt and sand from your vehicle’s bodywork.


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