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Firefly makes brushing fun! — Yellow Tennessee

Firefly makes brushing fun!

I received a Firefly product in order to facilitate this review, but all opinions are and always have been 100% my own.
There are days when getting the kids to brush their teeth is nothing short of a battle. And then trying to make sure that they brush well enough and for long enough is simply exhausting. Then about a year ago I stumbled across Firefly. These toothbrushes have changed the way brushing goes.

And then last week a box showed up that has made brushing even more fun again.


Firefly toothbrushes come in so many fun themes. We started last year with Angry Birds, threw in some Hello Kitty and now the Star Wars themed brushes are the big favorite. Each toothbrush lights up to let kids know just how long they need to be brushing. No more telling them they need to brush again or brush longer. One push of a button and the toothbrush lets them know when their time is up.


The bristles are even color coordinated with the lights. This little tooth brush starts out flashing green, then yellow, and then red. When the light goes off they are done brushing. With so many fun designs there is bound to be something to keep your little one interested in brushing.

But that is not all, we got some fun Hello Kitty themed mouthwash. I love so many thing about it. It is sugar and alcohol free. It has a great pump so I know the kids are not taking too much. But my favorite part is it has a great spot for the cup. It is just one less thing that is cluttering up the counter. Both kids are fans of the taste and my daughter especially loves the color.


This last one is hands down the coolest toothbrush I have ever seen. Not only is it shaped like a light saber, because what kid wouldn’t love that? It has sounds that go with it. While the light flashes, you can hear light saber noises, Vader breathing and it even talks to them and tells them their skills are improving.

You can also enter the Firefly #BrushBattle Sweepstakes on their Facebook page. The winner will win a trip for 4 to a theme park in California.

Have you tried Firefly toothbrushes for your kids?

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